Terms & Conditions


Agreement of Mixed Industry Pty Ltd (“MI”) to allow you access to the Newington Armory, Sydney Olympic Park (“the Venue”), during “The Great Escape” festival (“the Event”) is on the following conditions:

General Conditions

* You must have a valid ticket for the day in question to gain entry to the Event;
* Tickets are not transferable, and will become void if transferred for financial gain.
* If you have pre-purchased a ticket elsewhere allowing access to the Venue without prior notice of these conditions and do not wish to comply with them, you will be refunded the price of entry to the Venue upon application to MI and reasonable proof that you did not use the ticket.
* You represent that you are the parent or authorised guardian of any accompanying children under the age of 15 (“minors”) and provide these acknowledgments and disclaimers on behalf of yourself and all such accompanying minors.
* You will comply with and will ensure that all accompanying minors comply with instructions issued by the MI’s staff and/or contained in all permanent and temporary signs which appear on the Venue.
* To the extent permitted by law, you release and indemnify MI (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) from and against any claim or liability of any nature in relation to injury or death, from you or any third party which might arise from entry to, or the use of, the Venue by you and any accompanying persons and/or minors regardless of how the damage, injury or death is sustained or caused, except where the injury or death is caused by the negligence, default or breach of contract of MI.
* You acknowledge that you bring any property or equipment (including without limitation any camping equipment) into the Venue at your own risk and release MI (and its officers, employees, agents and contractors) from and against any claim or liability in relation to loss of or damage to such property even where such loss or damage is caused by the negligence, default or breach of contract of MI (or its officers, employees, agents and contractors).
* You acknowledge that transport to and from the Venue will be operated by independent parties and that MI accepts no liability for any action or omission by such parties.
* Ticket bracelets or other identification required by MI must be worn at all times.
* For safety and other reasons, some parts of the Armory are not open as part of the Venue; ticket holders must not enter fenced off areas, or areas to which access is denied.
* MI reserves the right to vary advertised artists and programmes.
* Smoking is not allowed inside any buildings or designated non-smoking areas.
* A search of persons and possessions will be required at the time of entry to the Venue, and MI has the right to conduct a search at any time while the ticket holder is at the Venue.

Right Of Eviction and Refusal Of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, MI reserves the right to refuse entry to or evict from the Venue any person who:
– cannot produce a valid ticket, or produces a ticket that has been purchased or obtained illegally or through an unauthorised source.
– behaves in a manner that reasonably interferes with other ticket holders’ enjoyment of the Event, including without limitation, stage-diving, crowd surfing and moshing.
– behaves in a manner which may cause property damage or that threatens the safety of performers, other ticket holders or any other person.
– is deemed to be intoxicated or disorderly.
– makes recordings of any part of the Event.
-refuses to provide photographic identification as proof of age.
– refuses to submit to a physical search or search of their possessions.
– refuses to surrender a prohibited item.
– refuses to comply with these conditions or the reasonable instructions of MI.

Prohibited Items

You are not allowed to bring into the Venue any items that breach these conditions or which may cause injury or nuisance to ticket holders, performers or any other person. This includes (without limitation):
– glass bottles or cans.
– alcoholic beverages.
– illegal drugs.
– knives or weapons.
– gas bottles and camp stoves.
– flares or fireworks.
– animals or pets (other than guide dogs).
– recording or filming devices.

Any prohibited items may be confiscated.

Liquor Licensing

* The Event is licensed and no BYO alcohol is allowed.
* Proof of age will be required as a condition of supplying alcohol.
* In the interests of responsible service of alcohol, people who are deemed to be intoxicated will not be served.


* Refunds will only be made as provided for in the Entertainment Industry Code of Practice.
* No refunds will be made, or other claims met, solely because:
– you have been refused entry or evicted from the Armory or are unable or choose not to attend the Event.
– parts or all of the Venue are temporarily unavailable for any reason.
– advertised events or performances do not proceed.
– your ticket is lost or stolen.
– the Event does not meet your expectations.

* If the entire Event program is cancelled or abandoned for any whole day, you will be refunded the ticket price relating to that day.


* A limited number of Camping Tickets is available for holders of 3 day tickets only. Camping tickets are sold on a per person basis. There is no other on-site accommodation. Tent sites are on a strictly ‘first come, first served’ basis and cannot be pre-allocated.

The following additional conditions apply to camping areas:

* Due to Event preparations, no patrons will be able to set up camp prior to  2pm on 5 April 2007.
* People without the appropriate camping tickets will not be permitted to enter the relevant camping areas.
* The parent or authorised guardian must accompany all minors.
* Campfires and camp stoves of any description are not permitted.
* Campers will be required to abide by a sense of common courtesy towards others, particularly in relation to noise and disposal of effluent and rubbish.
* There are toilets and showers (although the supply of hot water is limited). Your assistance in keeping the shower amenities clean would be appreciated.
* Campers MUST vacate the Armory by noon on Monday 9 April 2007.
* We recommend that you remove all valuables before leaving your tent, but do not accept any responsibility in this respect.

Environmental Management

“The Great Escape” is an environmentally friendly event. You can assist us in keeping the Venue safe and clean for the enjoyment of all participants by disposing of rubbish only in receptacles provided, not smoking in any buildings, not littering or leaving cigarette butts or ash on the ground.

Be aware that the Venue is a disused site and may contain residual hazards that are potentially dangerous. Your safety is our concern and you can assist by keeping out of restricted areas and behaving responsibly.